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Our services range from the stripping and painting of various aircraft, be it business jets, commercial jets and also helicopters. We are also able to design, print and install mandatory markings and logos of your aircraft.


In terms of structural repair, EGV Aero carries out both minor and major repair services to your aircraft’s fuselage as no repair job is too complicated for us to handle.


With regards to Composite Repairs, we provide simple solutions to your composite repair needs. We also have adequate tooling and equipments available with us. Thus, EGV Aero is the most excellent decision for any of your composite repair needs.


Washing your aircraft is an essential part in the maintenance process. Therefore, we at EGV Aero ensures that immense detail is given during the washing process as the removal of any contaminants is vital in ensuring the quality of your aircraft for a long period of time.

EGV Aero specializes in carrying out Aircraft Detailing, Structural and Composite repairs, modifications, fabrications and Aircraft Painting for both fixed wing aircraft and rotorcraft.

EGV Aero has also established itself into being one of the leading painting, maintenance and repair service providers in the aviation industry in the whole of Southeast Asia for various types of aircraft.

We are constantly on the lookout for expert personnel to join our ever expanding crew in order to expand not only our potential but yours as well.

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